KODO Design: sporty, dynamic styling and a beautiful sense of unity
We've sculpted and crafted, using a beauty by subtraction design approach. We've sourced the very finest premium quality materials for maximum comfort. We've refined the exterior shapes and suggestive contours and advanced the spacious cabin concentrating on the interior detail. We've brought into being a car purely designed around you.t
Driver-centric cockpit
Everything is ergonomically designed around you with aesthetic appeal. From the curved contours of the instrument panel to the optimally positioned meter dials, displays and Multimedia Commander control, it all feels like an extension of your body. Even the elevated seating gives you an ideal driving position from where you can enjoy enhanced visibility and comfort.
Newly designed steering wheel
With its sharper shape and stylish design, it looks as good as it feels. The newly designed steering wheel is now heated on Sport Nav models, to warm cold fingers on winter days and provide the most comfortable driving environment possible.
Dynamic Exterior
The solid-looking lower body with large-diameter alloy wheels suggests speed and dynamic movement. This contrasts with the sleek upper cabin, where blacked out door sashes, garnishes and pillars create uninterrupted flow towards the rear of the car.

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